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*** Please Note: We do Not Condone nor support or supply Childlike, or Child-sized or dolls with Child Features for our adult silicone sex dolls, but rather only full-sized woman in silicone sex dolls above 140 cm in sizes. Please investigate importation laws for your country accordingly.

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These silicone sex dolls are available for men and women using superior TPE  built onto a sturdy robust skeleton precision hand-crafted for finest details to offer a realistic and beautiful doll as you can see below. Bot only that pour reputable suppliers even offer custom real doll to suit your needs in every detail until you are satisfied…

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Technophobia deals with a number of legitimate trusted manufacturers to and we have negotiated special deals in adult sex toys as well as for silicone sex dolls. These beautiful real doll models are expensive for the crafting and detail that goes into making them and if you do see cheap dolls we recommend you leave the site immediately because that is certainly not a legitimate real doll store. has the very best prices on adult toys and silicone sex dolls, and from these manufacturers, you can also order further accessories like sex doll storage, additional wigs, suitable sized clothing and additional sensual accessories.!

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